Saturday, 1 February 2014


Hey guys! Recently, I was browsing on the Topshop website and fell in love with at least 10 of their nail polishes. As a self confessed nail polish addict, Topshop ones are definitely amongst my favourites- cheap, glossy and with a large range of shades, they are very hard to resist. Anyway, I thought for a quick post I thought that I would pick out my top 5 favourite Topshop nail polishes.

1) Adrenalin Nail Polish - £6
Adrenalin is definitely my all time favourite glitter polish- any photo cannot do it justice. Rather than being just a pink glitter as it looks on camera, some of the glitter in there is other colours which gives it a gorgeous effect. It is a thick consistency which means that it can be worn on its own or over the top of another polish. Just lovely!

2) AWOL Nail Polish - £5
I recently bought AWOL after seeing it on so many different beauty blogs and I have got to say that it is definitely worth the hype. It is very classy and looks absolutely wonderful with an LBD!

3) Gone Fishing - £5
A beautiful mint colour, 'Gone Fishing' is a beautiful colour that I wear very often during spring and summer. I must say that it takes quite a few coats to build the colour up, however the end result means that it's definitely worth it!

4) Parma Violet - £5
Again, I find that to get the most out of this nail polish I have to put on 2-3 coats, but it is worth it I promise. Another one of my favourite spring/summer polishes (pastels are my weakness, I know).

5) Jump - £5
Another good summer polish! I just find that Topshop have such an amazing range of bright, vibrant colours that it would be too hard to resist picking a few up every year. I'd describe this as a VERY bright coral and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is into bright colours.

On the same note, I just thought I'd let you know that on the website (I'm not sure whether it applies in store too or not) but they have an offer on the polishes that means you can get 2 for £9, which works out at £4.50 each.. Only knocking £1 off but I suppose they're good value anyway and every little helps!

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