Saturday, 14 June 2014


my new favourite lip balm ft. my Cath Kidston-esque jammies which were actually £3 from Primark

just look at all that buttery goodness *insert heart eye emoji*

Hey guys! I feel like this is the case with most of my posts, but I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. Exam season is FINALLY over *throws dance party* and I for one could not be happier. This means days full of lounging around in bed, watching my new love Orange Is The New Black and of course, blogging! Today's post will be focusing on a newly purchased product that I am just in love with, which is the Nuxe Reve De Miel Honey Lip Balm. To be perfectly honest, I've had my eye on this beauty for a while but was a little dubious whether or not it would live up to the immense hype that surrounds it. £9.50 for a lip balm? Whilst it's not exactly bank breaking, I did wonder this: was it actually any better than your average 99p Vaseline or Blistex from Boots? 'Are you seriously spending that much on a lip balm?' 'Yes, mum, I think I am'. I caved when I saw it
was reduced to £6.33 on Escentual as part of a recent 1/3 off all French Pharmacy brands offer (which I must say is wonderful; La Roche Posay for a tenner... yes please!)

In the end, am I glad I bought it? My answer is undoubtedly, yes. Much to my amazement, it is much, much better than said 99p cheapy balm! For starters, the little pot it comes in is luxurious and extremely handbag friendly! Personally, I don't really go for honey scented items, but I found that you can hardly even smell it- in my opinion it smells like lemons and slightly of liquorice and whilst I'm not usually fond of the latter, the combination of the two is divine (also, weirdly, I saw a review online that compared it to smelling like a chocolate orange and after another sniff I kind of agree!). As for the big question: does it actually work? I have extremely dry,        chapped lips all year round, rain or shine, winter or summer and so far, this has exceeded my greatest of expectations.                                                                                    

It has a very thick, buttery consistency that just makes it so much more moisturising than other lip balms that I have tried. It sinks into your lips so quickly and doesn't leave that sticky after feeling like some others do. Overall, I'm very impressed with my first Nuxe purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good lip balm, as in my opinion it is definitely worth the money. I personally like either putting it on just before bed or alongside my morning skincare, as it does take a rather long time to sink in enough to be able to apply lipstick over the top properly.

P.S: whilst writing this post, my anger levels went
above and beyond those considered socially normal 
because of how long it took to format. DAMN U

P.P.S: and I have just realised how odd that 
final picture is. Yes Rebecca, everyone 
needs to see a picture of your lips to
prove that it HONESTLY does work *slaps
self in face*. Sorry guys.

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