Thursday, 2 January 2014

5 Resolutions For The Year Of 2014

Hey guys! I realise that it is a very long time since I have last written anything on this blog and I really do apologise for that. Life has been very busy recently- the astronomically high amounts of school work I seem to be receiving mean little time for things like blogging and on top of this my diary seems to be constantly ridden with appointments and events. However, it is now another year and I thought I would make a post on my resolutions for the year.

  1. Get a job. Finding work at almost 16 years old is something that I have found difficult as the majority of employers are reluctant to give a job to anyone under this age. I had a job last Summer and whilst I was paid a pittance and had to spend many sunny days stuck in a stuffy office, I loved the independence that came with earning my own money. 2014 is the year where I finally want to get a proper job and get some more work experience under my belt, therefore I will hopefully manage to get one after my birthday in May.
  2. Have a much healthier lifestyle. This is always something I have tried my best to work towards as I actually really enjoy eating healthily and exercising a lot- it is something that makes me feel very positive and nothing can beat the feeling after a long walk or run when you come home and even though you are sweating buckets and feel like you are dying, it is highly satisfying knowing that you have done something that will contribute to making a difference to both your physical and mental state. I intend to go to the gym AT LEAST once a week, carry on with my dance class and perhaps join a yoga group. 
  3. Be happier. I have had a lot of trouble in the past with anxiety and having a very negative mindset towards some aspects of my life. I am currently working very hard towards being less stressed and anxious all the time, as well as learning different coping mechanisms for this. I would very much like 2014 to be the year where things really do improve! I also aim to be more optimistic about things, which I realise will be difficult since I can be very pessimistic at times, but again, this is something that I really want to do to benefit myself.
  4. Work hard. As I am in my last year of school, the first of my GCSE exams are only around 4 months away. The tendency to get distracted when revising and completing homework has affected me in the past, as I lack a certain amount of motivation; however, I really aim to get my head down and work as hard as possible to get good grades in all of my subjects. In September, I will begin my 2 years at college and I would really like to use this time effectively to prepare myself for this.
  5. Continue to treat myself better. In the year of 2014, I aim to learn many things- if I wasn't here then things would be different and every single thing I do makes a difference to the world; it's okay not to be okay sometimes, even when there is no reason why; make the most out of life, say 'yes' more often, take risks, learn new things, meet new people; everything is okay in the end and if it is not okay, it is not the end... All of these are things that, by the end of this year, I hope to have learnt and they are things that I think will contribute towards helping myself to be more positive.
There are many other things that I would like to do this year, including raising money for charity and meeting someone famous, someone who inspires me to become a better person. I aim to blog more often as I have realised that this is something I really enjoy. I would also like to travel more as this is one of my main passions- I am going to Austria next month which I am really looking forward to and in mid-June I am hoping to visit either Amsterdam or Berlin. The prospect of a new year is really exciting for me, as 2013 wasn't the best and I am hoping that this year will genuinely be a new start for me! I'd like to wish anyone that reads this a Happy New Year and I hope that you have an amazing year, filled with happy memories and good health.

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