Friday, 24 January 2014

My (small) MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey guys! I apologise for the long wait between posts however once again I have been extremely busy with school and it completely sucks. The second apology of this post will be for the dodgy photos- for the first time I have decided to include my own photos and swatches, which is slightly daunting; they have all been taken with an iPhone 4 (still not learnt how to use the Nikon 1 sitting downstairs yet, oops) hence the crappy quality. I thought for today's post I would do a MAC Lipstick Collection; even though, by almost every other beauty bloggers standards, I'm not sure I can even call it a collection. Despite the fact that I love the formula and the shade range and the packaging, I only own 6 MAC lipsticks due to the fact that I find paying £15 for them is ridiculous- the fact that 6 MAC lipsticks total to £90 makes me want to sit in a corner and cry, as I could've spent that money on other more important things. However, as a self confessed beauty addict, I can't help myself sometimes and I thought I would at least share with you the ones that I own. 

On the left I have the swatches of my lipsticks, which are Captive, Pink Nouveau, Lovelorn, Pink Plaid, Creme Cup and Imagine This. As you can probably see, I tend to lean towards the pinky colours when visiting the MAC counter.

There are many things I love about MAC lipsticks. The range of shades is jaw dropping, eye popping stuff when you walk into a beauty hall and see them all perfectly lined up. Personally, I struggle to contain my excitement whenever I get the opportunity to go and try out some new shades. Another factor that contributes to my love of MAC lipsticks is their formula- of the 6 I own, none of them are drying and I don't know whether this is just down to the type (I own Satin, Lustre, Matte, Cremesheen and Amplified) or whether their lipsticks in general are extremely creamy and moisturising. The staying power of them is just magic. The packaging is classic and none-garish as opposed to some of the alternatives available in the drugstore nowadays.

I've just realised that on the bottom right photo the right lipstick isn't labelled and I really can't be bothered editing it oooooops (lazy girl problems).

Creme Cup- A gorgeous nude pink colour with a little bit of shimmer. Very moisturising and one of my favourite lipsticks of all time!
Pink Nouveau- I love this pretty bright pink colour and the formulation is amazing, but I find because it is quite a bold pink (something that is out of my comfort zone), I don't really wear it as often as I should do.
Pink Plaid- Carrying on the pink theme, I love this muted pinky purple colour and the matte texture of it just makes it a beautiful lipstick to finish off any outfit.
Captive- My favourite lipstick of ALL TIME! The pictures included really don't do it any justice. I wear this purple-plum coloured beauty at least once a week.
Lovelorn- One of my favourites to wear in summer with a pretty sun dress and sandals. It is a lot more pink than Pink Plaid, however not quite as bright as Pink Nouveau- a perfect shade, in my opinion!
Imagine This- A limited edition brown nude colour that was released a couple of years ago as part of MAC's Christmas collection. I'm not so keen on it nowadays however at the time I absolutely loved it as it was one of the first MAC items I owned!

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